Addressing and attaining healthcare needs widely.


Vision/Eye Awareness Camp

Eye check-up camps by Shakthi Foundation provide accurate suggestions and prescriptions to help participants identify their eye health.

HIV Awareness Camp

Join our mission to win against the HIV epidemic in the country and give rise to healthier generations.

Breast Feeding and Nutrition Awareness

Campaigns to educate people on the importance of breastfeeding in ensuring child health and long-term immunity against diseases.

Corona Awareness Camp/ Vaccination Drive

Covid-19 awareness and vaccination camps run by Shakthi Foundation as an initiative to make the nation a healthier and safer place for humankind.

General Medicine Awareness Camp- Diabetes, BP and Thyroid

We run general medicine awareness camps to educate people better about preventive and recovery measures for Diabetes, BP, and Thyroid.

Sponsoring Critical Surgeries for the Poorest of the Poor

Actively sponsor revitalizing surgeries as a small fortune for the underprivileged individuals afflicted by extreme poverty

Polio Awareness/ Vaccination Drive

Mass polio awareness and immunization campaigns for thousands of children to eradicate polio and produce a healthier chain of life.

Nutrition Awareness Camp

We work to increase awareness about the right amount of nutrition and proper dietary habits for the righteous development of the human body.

Free Medicine Distribution Camp

We distribute free medicines to doorsteps as an effective healthcare initiative to save humans from illness and fatality.

Strengthening Govt Facilities in Healthcare

We provide medical equipment such as X-ray machines, and ICU beds to strengthen government facilities in healthcare and improve treatment quality.

Medicine and Infrastructure Support to the People with Disabilities

Medical and infrastructure support for the better nourishment and progressive future of the kids with mental/physical disabilities.

Setting up Old Age Homes

We sincerely work to set up a chain of old-age homes to ensure the safety and protection of the old and abandoned citizens.

Setting up Palliative Care Homes

We set up human-centred palliative care centres to provide specialized treatment and care to people surviving serious illnesses.

Relief for Pandemics

Our foundation contributes to the distribution of covid-19 relief resources, such as oxygen cylinders, medicines, and beds to help the covid patients survive.