Restoring nature in its purest form.


Awareness Against Plastic

Project to spread awareness about human social responsibility, the effects of hazardous plastic pollution, and solutions to reduce it.

Donation and Distribution of Cloth Bags

Cloth bags distribution campaign to encourage socially responsible actions such as reducing the usage of plastic and saving the environment from plastic pollution.

Distribution of Saplings

We pledge to preserve nature and recompense for the felled trees by distributing saplings amongst locals.

Sustainable Greening

We take sustainable measures such as building parks in rural and urban areas to instil health and replenishment in environments.

Water Conservation

Besides taking up water conservation projects to establish water-secure communities in India, we also influence locals to implement water-saving habits.

Promotion of Solar Lights

A non-conventional, non-polluting, and sustainable attempt to make the nation secured with solar lights in several cities and villages.

Lake Restoration

The revival and rejuvenation of lakes and other water bodies, deploying modern techniques to safeguard water availability and conserve aqua biodiversity.

Water Shed Management

We aim to conserve natural resources while benefiting social development with accurate assessment, planning, and techniques for watershed management.