Enlightening the future of India’s indigent students.



We provide scholarship programs for underprivileged students pursuing higher education and above to maximize their potential.

Donation of Educational Gadgets

In an attempt to improve students’ online and offline learning experiences, Shakthi Foundation initiates donations of educational gadgets and other accessories.

Teacher Training

Our teacher training program ensures that the teachers efficiently nurture the children’s mental and educational growth with optimum teaching techniques.

STEM Education

Shakthi Foundation undertakes the initiative to promote STEM programs in schools and sponsor basic equipment for the advancement of the students and society.

Improving Basic School Infrastructure

We pledge to create a healthy environment for kids by improving basic school infrastructure including school painting, blackboards, tables, chairs, and other essentials.

Girl Child Sanitary Health Promotion

We adopt necessary measures to promote menstrual hygiene and health education amongst adolescent girls and ensure easy access to sanitary products.

Sport and Extra Curricular Activity

Besides academic activities, we organize sports and extracurricular activities for children to enhance their potential and nourish physical and mental health.

Setting up Libraries

To facilitate poor meritorious students with free access to all kinds of books in every spectrum, we aim to set up libraries in underprivileged areas.

Educational Trips

Shakthi Foundation arranges educational trips for students of a certain age group to ensure their all-around learning and development.

Educational Infrastructure Upgradation

Our educational programs also involve infrastructure up-gradation in schools and colleges comprising art facilities and modernization of the amenities.

Teaching Science, Maths, and English in Remote Locations

We vow to bring all children under one big umbrella of an advanced society and upskill them for future endeavours by teaching science, maths, and English.